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The Favorite Restaurant, Hotel, Bar in Quezon


star model of Kamayan Sa Palaisdaan






Why is Kamayan Sa Palaisdaan my favorite Restaurant, Hotel, Bar in Quezon Province?


       1.   They Deliciously make “Lutong-bahay”

       2.   Affordable

       3.   Big servings

       4.   The ambience (Within the heart of nature)

       5.   Filipino dishes expertly and cleanly cooked

       6.   Can cater for the entire family, even the entire    


       7.   Not just a restaurant; they have facilities not only    

       for couples, families or "barkada" but for the 

       entire business company as well! They have

       conference rooms, hotels, bar, swimming pool

       rest house, etc. It is a recreation center for all of us.

    And many more!


Brgy. Dapdap, Tayabas City

Quezon, Phil.

(042)793-3654 or 55

Smart 0918-951-0460

Globe 0917-556-2642

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Hotel & Resort

Brgy. Dapdap, Tayabas City, Quezon

(042) 793-0088

Globe: 0917-680-1819

Smart: 0920-978-6450